Your frequently
asked questions

Your frequently
asked questions

Honestly, there’s no right answer to this, as it depends entirely on circumstances and lifestyle.
Any amount of cover you can afford is better than none, but most people go for a cover amount between five to ten times their annual income.

Nope. The minimum age to buy a policy is 18 years, and you can even
buy a policy all the way up to 77 years.

But it’s good to keep in mind that Life Insurance covers are usually cheaper when you’re younger and healthier.

We offer Life insurance online to keep things simple. But we also
understand that families vary and have different needs. So if you’d like to talk about other options, please get in touch with us at 01243 791239

At the moment, our online service is for individual insurance only. If you’d like to include your spouse or partner, get in touch with us at 01243 791239

here are only two reasons why we wouldn’t pay a claim:

  • 1. A customer didn’t provide full, honest and accurate answers to the health and lifestyle questions in the application process.

  • 2. The policyholder died in the first year by taking their own life.

Some of the questions we ask to find out you’re eligible for Life Insurance are around:

  • Your lifestyle and travel
  • Your height and weight
  • Your medical history
  • Family medical history
  • Whether you are a UK resident
  • Other Life Insurance you have

All of these questions help us get the right cover for you, and calculate your monthly payments.

You can make changes to some parts of your policy, including your
monthly payments:

  • Increasing or decreasing the amount of cash payout or monthly income your family receives
  • Extend or reduce the amount of time you want your insurance to cover
  • Add or remove dependents from your policy

There are, however, restrictions on how much and how often you can make these changes. Please read your policy documentation for more information.

You can cancel your Life Insurance any time you like by getting in touch with us here.

If you cancel within 30 days of your start date, Legal & general will refund any premiums you’ve paid. If you cancel after 30 days of your start date, we’ll simply cancel your Life Insurance and you won’t have to make any further payments.

The Financial Services Compensation Scheme backs our policies, so don’t worry your Life Insurance policy is still valid, in the very unlikely event thah we’re not around anymore! Whether you’re able to claim and how much you may be entitled to will depend on the specific circumstances at the time. For further information about the scheme please contact the FSCS at: or call them on: 01243 791239